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Reading by Window in Cafe

Create Your Own Reading Room

The perfect way to wind down after a busy day, pick up a book and sink into your favourite chair in your relaxing reading space. Whether you read mysteries, thrillers or historical fiction, we have everything to help create your comfortable reading spot.


Your living room is an easy place to transform into your quiet, peaceful reading space. With enough space to add comfortable furniture, shelving and light, your living room is ideal for anyone looking to create a reading lounge.

Reading Room with Big Bookcase

Comfortable Seating

If you’re going to spend some time reading your new favourite book, you’ll need a comfortable chair or sofa to sit on. With a large selection of furniture to choose from, take a look through our collection of armchairs or relaxing sofasthe perfect place to kick back and get started on your new read.


Prevent books from piling up around your home by adding one of our stylish bookshelves to your reading space. With a selection of big, medium and small shelves, treat your room to a stylish storage accessory that adds luxury and elegance to your surroundings.

create a reading room


An essential for any reading space, make sure your location is well lit with natural light or a helpful lamp. Featuring a broad selection of beautifully designed floor and table lamps, create a warm, comfortable glow by setting one of our lamps next to your chair or sofa. Not only is a lamp a helpful tool, but it also can be a stylish decoration to add to your room.

Cushions, Throws and Other Accessories

Style your reading room with comfortable accessories to create your space's personality. Whether it's filling a sofa with cushions or draping a soft, patterned throw over your chair for a little burst of colour, these are the perfect finishing touches to provide your space with your perfect look.

Once your reading room is set up and decorated to your standard, you are almost ready to begin reading! With a variety of stylish reading glasses available, add a pair of our Randy Magnivision Reading Glass to your table to protect your eyes from strain while you sit down and read your latest book.

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