Environmental Sustainability
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Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to minimising our environmental impact. Working with our suppliers and selected partners, we will continue to reduce our carbon emissions and waste. We are continually looking to utilise the latest technologies to improve our environmental sustainability.

Our actions will help to tackle climate change and protect nature.

Detailed below are some of the measures we have taken to minimise our environmental impact:

Rewilding PIS

Rewilding at The Range

The Range is working with The British Hedgehog Preservation Society and suppliers, Mr Fothergill’s and Johnston & Jeff, to create ecological areas for 80 stores.

The rewilding project started with the introduction of wildflowers and meadow grass, creating the perfect environment for hedgehogs. This also encourages the introduction of a plethora of insects, including bees, butterflies, ladybirds and caterpillars.

These areas aim to preserve and encourage their surrounding wildlife, helping it to thrive, and each space is up to 6m2.

One of the key elements of The Range’s Rewilding project is the provision of hedgehog houses in these areas.

90 stores are now home to hedgehog houses which have been endorsed by partnering charity The British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Another important element of the project is joining up habitats where possible by creating Hedgehog Highways, small gaps in the bottom of boundary fences to allow hedgehogs to travel through the environment.

41 stores have been able to create hedgehog highways to enable Hedgehogs to travel as connectivity is vital to these creatures.

116 of The Range stores also have introduced bird boxes, placed at a height to attract blue tits, house sparrows, redstarts and various other types of birds.

To find out more about the Rewilding Project, click this link.

Find out how your local store is getting involved here.


The Range has invested in more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

- The new vehicles account for 10% of our fleet with the ambition to increase this to 30%.

- The new vehicles emit 58% fewer CO2 emissions compared to their counterparts.

- Annually the new vehicles are enabling us to reduce our carbon emissions by 660,000 CO2e.

- By consolidating the returns of all recyclable materials, we have reduced our road mileage by 364,000 per annum. Reducing our annual carbon emissions by a further 416,000 Co2e.

EandS Report ECI

Store Infrastructure

In new Range stores and refurbishments, we implement the following measures to reduce energy and water usage:

- LED lighting installations reduce The Range’s carbon emission and are far more eco-friendly than standard fluorescent installations.

- Push to operate taps to reduce water usage.

- Propeliar toilets to reduce carbon emission, save water usage and improve hygiene levels.

- Over the next 12 months, 40 sites will be fitted with Propeliar systems which will result in an annual saving of 56,784,000 litres of water.