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Bedroom Mirror EB

Choosing the Right Mirror for your Bedroom

Mirrors are a simple accessory for your home, being able to transform any space with relative ease. Choosing a great centrepiece for your bedroom can be a daunting task as you want it to be both stylish and practical whilst suiting your decor and the size of your space.

To make things easier, we've compiled a list of some of the best options when it comes to adding a mirror to your room.

Full Length Mirrors

These mirrors are an excellent choice for the bedroom as they're an easy way to check your outfit when getting dressed. They're also great for rooms with tall ceillings and can make your space feel bigger if you have a smaller room. They can be hung on the wall to create a more open feel if you lack floorspace, or free-standing for a modern finish. Why not try a contemporary lean-to if you can't quite decide between free-standing and or wall mirrors.


Bedroom Mirror ECI

Dressing Table Mirror

These classic mirrors are a beautiful option for bedrooms, giving your space an air of vintage, Old Hollywood glamour. Suitable for standing on your dressing table, many vanity mirrors come in three sections so you can see every part of your face when applying make-up or styling your hair.

Free Standing Mirror

When set in the corner of a room, these full-length mirrors are wonderful for making your space feel larger as it helps to reflect the opposite corner. Easy to step up as you don't need to worry about hanging, you can simply pop a free-standing mirror into the right spot in your bedroom so you can get dressed and undressed every day with ease.

Bedroom Mirror PIS_1

Wall Mirror

If you don't have a lot of floor space, then a wall mirror is the perfect choice when it comes to adding one to the bedroom. Often coming with string or hooks to help you hang it, it will sit prettily against your wall at a convenient height for your stature. Ideal for applying make-up, doing your hair, or doing everyday grooming, these mirrors are perfectly practical in every way and one of the most popular options along with free-standing.

Over the Door Mirror

Another great option for those who are short on floor space, an over the door mirror has you covered when you haven't got the wall space, or a wall strong enough to support a mirror. These feature two hooks that slip over the top of your door whilst still enabling you to use the door as normal. They're also a great choice for university dorms and house shares as they can be easily moved without accidental damage to walls or carpets.


For more inspiration, check out our complete mirror collection and find the perfect design for your decor style.

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